How we work


Once appointed danheap will develop lighting concepts for each area of the building based on your brief. This stage will include sketch positional drawings, photoshop visualisations, and supporting images to clearly explain each lighting concept. The concept stage is fundamental in the design process as it allows both client and architect to understand and formalise their ideas for lighting within the space. At this stage we may also build full scale mock ups to convey or test a lighting concept.


Once the concept design has been agreed we will produce detailed lighting layouts showing the positions of all light fittings and their control circuit information. Where a light fitting is integrated within the building or a joinery item, detailed drawings are produced to show exact requirements to allow these items to be constructed on site. A luminaire specification will be produced detailing each light fitting and its associated lamp and control gear. A load schedule will also be produced to allow the control system to be designed. At this stage emergency lighting and where needed energy code compliance is assessed.

On site

Once the scheme is signed off and installation begins, we will assist the installation process via telephone and email support and site visits as required. As soon as the project begins on site we will coordinate with other members of the design team to ensure everyone has the information they need at the correct time and that if required we offer advice to the installing contractor. When the 'hidden beam' or unforeseen change crops up we will work quickly to find a solution and issue revised design information.


Once the installation phase is nearing completion we will attend site to assist in commissioning the dimming control system, setting scenes and focussing any light fittings onto artworks etc. Where there is external lighting we will attend site after dark once planting is established and focus fittings as needed.