What we do

Lighting design for architects and interior designers

We deliver unique and sustainable lighting solutions for interior and exterior spaces from bars and restaurants through to private houses, galleries, landscapes and retail spaces.

Transforming spaces with light

We come to each project with fresh eyes and try to bring the ‘magic’ to each space we touch. We begin by listening to the brief and assessing the needs of the client and space.

From here we develop our concept which explains our lighting vision for the building or landscape, space by space.

Enhancing buildings

We work hard to integrate the lighting into the space so it enhances the building rather than simply being another object. We will work closely with you to embed the lighting into the walls, ceiling or even within elements of the joinery.

Playing with light

We love to play with light. Through subtle hidden details or playful decorative interruptions, we place the lighting carefully and naturally within the buildings we work on. Each concept begins with where and then how, should the light arrive.