Custom Products

Custom lighting products to fit your space

When off-the-shelf lighting solutions won't work or you need something to fit a unique space then speak to us. We are specialists in this area and work from your architectural plans and ideas (or leave it up to us). We start by 3D visualising the concept into your space.


Once you are happy with the concept we then break it down to the specific components, creating engineering drawings to cost up the production. We can also create working prototypes from 3D printing and other methods so you can get a real feel for the concept.

These images show how we worked through from sketch to finished product on the Copper Floor Wash, where our client needed a specific light for dry stone walls.

Come to us with an idea

If you have an idea for a light fitting, but don't have the means to take it any further, then all you need is a simple sketch. We can take it from there! We can take this, understand what you need, and start by 3D visualising your concept. Then prototype and through to production.

We work with most materials

From glass, acrylics, concrete, copper, brass and other metals, raw woods, finished woods and a raft of other materials. 

We like to get our hands dirty!

As well as having a large pool of specialists in different areas of production we also like to get our hands dirty. With our in-house workshops we create most of our own prototypes as we believe this is a key part of the design process. 

View how we work on a custom product: