Exterior Lighting

Defining a landscape

We love to work on exterior lighting schemes as they often offer a level of freedom not afforded inside a building. Working to accent planting and trees, provide way finding and accent key features to shape and define a landscape is a real passion of ours.

Standard and custom fittings

Our approach is a mix of using a range of standard reliable lighting kit to discreetly accent the exterior planting scheme, teamed with flashes of genius with custom pendants, bespoke solar powered fittings and very natural interjections in the landscape.

Working live

Sometimes our concept is very loose and almost entirely image based without a clear plan. On some projects we simply ask for power to be put in place and we turn up at dusk with fittings and a head torch and let the magic happen!

Lighting specific to your project

We are constantly designing and developing new fittings for each project. We work in resin, wood, concrete, copper, brass to name a handful of materials. We work hard to blend our fittings into their natural environment. Our raw brass and copper fittings for example begin to patinate from the first moment they are handled and dull back to a beautiful natural colour within weeks.