Interior Lighting

All areas of interior lighting

We work on all kinds of interior lighting projects from private houses, art galleries and private clubs through to retail spaces, hotels and work spaces.

Every space demands its own approach

Some spaces demand a very discreet and integrated approach, others require the lighting to play a key role in the visual scene. This play of the hidden, versus the expressed, is what defines a lighting designer beyond simply choosing fittings.

Assessing light for each project

The placement of a light source and the way it reacts with the materials around it is very important to what we do. We spend a lot of time building mock ups and models to assess how light will behave within each space.

Lighting technologies

Since I began to work with light in 1997, technology has changed so much, things we only dreamt of are now possible. LED technology has transformed my ‘toolbox’ of techniques and allows me to deliver affects and treatments unheard of even 5 years ago.