Sometimes you can't find exactly the right lighting product for your project or simply want a solution that is unique. 

We are experts at taking a sketch or image and turning it into a working prototype from which a production run can happen. 

This can be a custom lit shelf, a bespoke feature pendant, or the smallest spotlight ever seen. 

We love to be given a tricky brief or achieve a hidden detail through clever design.

How it works

Our bespoke service begins with a simple sketch or an image, from here we will develop the idea until we are ready to go from 2d to 3d. We will then either build an old fashioned prototype in card, wood, metal or whatever materials best suits the object. Or, we turn to the marvels of 3D printing, press start at bed time and wake up to a crisp white prototype.

We will share this process with you until we arrive at a product everyone is happy with. Once the 3d form is right we then work with Circatron our UK electronics experts to develop the electrical side and arrive at a tested and proven bespoke light.