All that Glitters

    This pendant Luminaire is hand made in the UK from remade, a new 70% recycled acrylic, which is also fully recyclable. All That Glitters uses black remade acrylic to deliver what appears to be a simple gloss black pendant but on looking closer the tiny gaps in the cast material allow little glimpses of golden light. A truly magical form and an unexpected result from a recycled plastic.

    Pendant Luminaire available in 2 shapes, straight and tapered

    Tapered: 379mm x 99mm. Straight: 364mm x 70mm.


    Choose from 2700, 3000, 4000, and 5000k colour temperature

    400 lumens

    Also available as RGB/RGBW/CT shift

    12 volt, 4w

    IP65 option available on request

    Ceiling mounted

    Exterior version available on request

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