White Stripes

We wanted a small, bright, lighting profile with an evenly lit diffuser, so we developed White Stripes.

White Stripes is a compact (17.5mm x 9mm) yet powerful LED profile with a white opal diffuser. A perfect light source for shelving and display, as well as being simple to integrate into joinery and small architectural details.

See our design guide for setting out information.

White Stripes is a simple aluminium profile measuring just 17mm x 9mm with a clip on opal diffuser. It is perfect for undershelf lighting or anywhere a bright linear light source is required. We manufacture White Stripes here in the UK to the exact length and power output you require. Any length can be achieved by mounting sections end to end. Also available as IP65 and IP 67 for exterior use. This product is covered by our 3 year warranty.

Choose from 2800, 3000, 4000, and 5000k colour temperature

Chose from 750, 1000 and 1500
lumen per metre output

Also available as RGB colour change or pre-set fixed colour

How to order

Contact our design team with a plan or a list of the sections you require. We will then detail each section including colour, lumen output, lead lengths and power supplies to ensure your order arrives ready to install.

We can also produce a setting out drawing and send out our fittings with coded stickers making the installation as smooth as possible

Our power supplies and leads can be pre-terminated to achieve a Plug and Play install where required.